Our Commitment

We are committed to
…identifying our customers’ changing needs by offering effective, economic and innovative solutions…Air-Heat offers superior products from the finest brand names at very competitive prices!

Our dedication to our customers includes emergency service availability and custom preventive maintenance plans to prevent costly repairs and extend product life.

HVAC Preventive Maintenance 

Motorized equipment, such as heating and air conditioning systems, requires preventive maintenance to assure proper operation. Maintaining and improving the operating efficiency of a commercial or industrial building’s heating and air systems can save money, time and energy, protect against major system failures, improve operating efficiency, extend equipment life and reduce downtime, improving the system's life cycle and reliability. Over 20 heating and air experts at Air-Heat America are available to customize a preventive maintenance and repair package that will keep your HVAC system in top shape year after year.

Your building's HVAC system should be viewed as a total system, not as separate pieces of equipment. All of the equipment that comprises an HVAC system is interdependent. Neglecting to repair a small problem when it is identified can lead to larger problems down the line. Preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid potential system failure.

Air conditioning system preventive maintenance can include:

Checking the following:
    - proper refrigerant levels
    - all electrical components and controls 
    - the condenser
    - the filters

Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils

Oiling the motors

Calibrating the thermostat

Heating system preventive maintenance can include:

Checking the furnace or boiler for the presence of carbon monoxide

Inspecting the condition of the combustion chamber/heat exchanger

Cleaning the burner and verifying proper burner flame characteristics (including gas and air adjustment)

Cleaning the pilot and checking the pilot/igniter operation
Replacing belts and inspecting the motors and oil as needed (oil pump if boiler) 

Comparing the condition of the vent pipe to chimney and draft intensity

Removing dust and scale from the burner compartment and other key parts

Replacement of thermocouple and inspection of the flame sensor or pilot safety timing

Inspection and cleaning of the blower wheel

Identification of proper replacement size for furnace filters

The professional HVAC technicians at Air-Heat America can also identify heating and air conditioning systems that are outdated and no longer warrant maintaining. For more information, call Air-Heat America at 770-368-8050, or email us at Mike@airheat.com.